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region wise

In Bikaner and Jaisalmer the embroidered leather saddles are very popular. The Jaisalmer embroideryBikaner Leather Embroidery Jaisalmer Embroideryalso applies mirror works sometimes to provide a visual impact. Embroidery practiced in Bikaner is done by counting threads.
Women of Sikar and Jhunjhuna make animal figures and simple tree forms in their embroidery. In their work, all these remain juxtaposed together to form a specific pattern in the borders of their cotton skirts. These blue and black striped handloom Ghagras have embroidered borders. The Odhanis are also embroidered with animal figures and vegetable patterns.
Barmer EmbroideryWomen of Barmer use mirrors, thus enhancing the beauty of the embroidered piece. In appliqué, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multicolored mosaic. The exotic colors, shapes and pattern combinations against contrasting backgrounds catch the eye.

“jain embroidery is a form of religious embroidery of rajasthan.”