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Jain occupies the main trading population of Rajasthan where Jain temples at Dilwara and rankpur are very famous.The orign of  the jain embroidery goes back sixteenth century.
The base material being Satin & blue red or violet in color some time the rich looking soft velvet is also used. Basic stitches comprised of stem, satin, chain, and worked with silk floss of blue, green, yellow and white colors, along with little combination of silver thread, to add to the luster.
The basic concept of jain Philosophy has been pictured on these articles along with floral motifs ,the main ones are Mandala, depicts jain beliefs& shows different parts in heaven where various gods and goddesses live, Adivipa are representation of cosmology, which depicts universe, as the mangla or astha  mangalika implies at suspicious projects, related to eight jain  Tirhankers. There was great influence of court embroideries during eighteenth and nineteenth century which is evident on some of the article where human figures have been dressed similar to court people.

“jain embroidery is a form of religious embroidery of rajasthan.”