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Moti Bharat

Moti bharat is an art of Jalor district of Rajasthan.  This work is not done on the of fabric. The opaque white beads form the base on which the transparent beads are worked by stringing them together in various shapes and forms of birds, animals, human figures and other articles of day to day life,Traditionally blue, green yellow and red colored beads were commonly used. Now wide range of coloured beads is available locally for the craftsmen to make use of.

Stylized human figures, geometrical designs, glimpses of daily life, horse and camel riders, elephant with haudha, horse with carriage, the famous love legend of local hero Dhola and his lover Maru are the designs repeatedly used. Various articles like, Purse, cap, toran. play articles, cradle decoration, showpieces are prepared by Moti Bhat.

“Moti bharat is introduced in 19th century by the mochi crafts men.”
Moti Bharat
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