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Applique work
Marwari community of Rajasthan traditionally engaged in Appliqué art. The work is similar to the path work of   Kathiawar the ‘Katab’. For this mill made medium weight white cotton cloth forms the base on which Patches of various tints ,shades ,sizes and shapes are arranged in a pictorial pattern later trimmed, slip stitched ,whipped sometimes and  finished with running stitch and button hole. Now commercialized the art has been prevalent in Jaipur Udaipur and Barmer district.
jaiselmer applique work

The quilts made by patchwork known as ‘Ralli’are the traditional  product of  Jaisalmer ,The quilt is made by sewing several layers of old fabrics ,where the upper most layer being made of new cotton cloth. The colors used for patch work are olive green, brown, maroon and black.

The corners are decorated with tassels of either cotton or silk and Sequins called ‘Phuladi’ .Naval cholies, saddle cloth, bed spreads, cushion covers and purses some of the products decorated by Jaisalmer Appliqué art.

“it is believed that rajasthani applique work has influence of egyptions to an extent”
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